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My Girth and History….Montcalm, Queensbury, NY

Hello Everyone,

How many times in your hasty quest to shop on the “cheap” have you driven past the Montcalm? Well, after you are done shopping at the Outlets near Lake George, you should stop in and settle down for a tasty meal. The restaurant looks like a small log cabin, but it has different areas for dining, so you could definitely have a large event in one of the rooms.

Anyway, you are seated at a table with white linen and as your placemat a pewter dish. The pewter plate gave me the sense of being a captain of a regiment and because of your rank, being able to eat like a civilian. This visual was definitely aided by my history lesson on the French & Indian War and the restaurant’s namesake, Marquis de Montcalm.

You have a small basket of scones with strawberry preserves to get your taste buds leaking with anticipation while you check out their menu. The scones were the size of a crescent roll and a nice way to occupy the time while waiting for my chicken pot pie to arrive. SO ordered a classic reuben which came with chips and coleslaw. The reuben was piled high and abundant with chips. The coleslaw looked good from my seat. He said it was all delicious and filling, as he ate it at warp speed. I had chicken pot pie and it was homemade goodness. Chock full with slices of carrots, onions and peas in a smooth broth with hunks of chicken throughout the dish. The crust was a golden brown beret. Uh, that’s right…. Not a pie, but a beret—meaning there was only crust on the top of the dish. I was disappointed ‘cause I luv the crust at the bottom of a pot pie. Oh well, live and learn to ask more questions of the wait staff. It’s almost time for another shopping trip, so I’ll see you at the Montcalm.


Make the fork be with you….T2


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