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Au Revoir to my Favorite Gal….Miss Albany Diner

Today I said good bye to one of my favorite gals, Miss Albany Diner. It is a silver tube of diner lore, cozy booths and some damn fine food on Broadway in Albany. Cliff, Jane and Bill Brown made people M.A.D. with their hospitality, wit and fare. It was a place where you could find weird and fun conversations discuss politics or just shut up and eat. It was great to see a packed house with people ordering their favorites, waiting patiently for the visual goodness yet anxious to taste and revere, once last time.

I'll missed the banana pancakes, long off the menu, but legendary to my taste buds. My friends will miss the M.A.D. eggs. A BIG hug and shout out of love to Jane and Bill and two thumbs up for Cliff. Thanks to the staff that I met, the people that I chatted with and great times I had with friends and family, filling my girth and head with fond memories forever.

Make the fork be with you, always…..T2 xoxoxo


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