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Guilderland Named Best Tasting Water in Albany County

The Office of the Albany County Executive has released the following announcement:

The largest voter turnout ever has given the Town of Guilderland a win. The Albany County Health Department has announced Guilderland the winner of the 2012 Albany County Drinking Water Taste Test. The competition was held at the Harold L. Joyce County Office Building at 112 State Street on June 26th.

Guilderland scored 63 total points, while the Latham Water District finished second with 41 total points.

Samplers were asked to try the water and then fill out a survey with their preferences. Two points were awarded for each first place vote and one point was awarded for each second place vote. Other municipalities participating included Albany, Bethlehem and Green Island.

The Town of Guilderland will go on to compete in the regional competition to be held later this summer. The top two winners at the regional contest will advance to the state finals to be held at the New York State Fair in Syracuse. The winner of the State competition gets bragging rights as the best tasting water in New York State.

The New York State Water Taste Test has been held for over 25 years and highlights the importance of both taste and quality in a resource essential to public health. The taste contest is a nonscientific competition co-sponsored by DOH and the New York Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA).


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