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Open space issued opened back up

Things are getting lively in Bethlehem over open space again.

News watchers will no doubt recall the flap that transpired when the Normanside Country Club abruptly went up for sale. The town put in a bid but lost out to an operation that kept the land a golf course, but not before a lot of discussion about what the town should do to protect open spaces...and how much to spend on that goal.

Well, now there's a potential plan on the table. Advocates say it's great because the town will be ready next time, others say government (and taxpayer money) has no place in buying land.

One interesting thought that didn't make it into the story: the town's Mo He Con Nuck Nature Preserve, the 50-acre town-owned parcel with a grand plan of nature trails and the like that's gone untouched since the town acquired it. Some people figure the town doesn't have the money or wherewithal to do anything with the land it does have.

Here's the story.


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