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BC High principal warns of increased drug use

Bethlehem Central High School Principal Charles Abba sent out a letter to parents today noting a spike in "inappropriate behavior” in recent weeks, including the use and possession of marijuana and other drugs.

We'll soon have more information from the district, but for now, here's the full text of Abba's letter:

Dear Parents:

I know that you, as do all of us at Bethlehem Central School District, care about our school community greatly. It is for this reason that I am sharing this note with families this afternoon.

In recent weeks, there has been an increase of inappropriate behavior at our High School. Specifically, there have been more discipline referrals for disrespectful behavior, incidents of graffiti in the boys bathrooms and possession and use of marijuana and controlled substances. The disrespectful behavior and vandalism harms our educational environment and will not be tolerated. As for the increased drug activity, it is unacceptable, unhealthy, illegal, and it must stop.

I want to make clear that students caught in possession of, using and/or selling any type of controlled substance will be held accountable by Bethlehem Central High School and to the fullest extent of the law.

I am asking parents to discuss these situations with their children, and to assist the school in establishing a concentrated effort to remind students of the behavior expected of them while in school and the consequences that may result if this expectation is not met.

As we address these issues in coming weeks through various school-based initiatives, I ask all of you to help us make BC a more civil and caring community. Discuss with your children the dangers of drugs and alcohol in their lives. Inquire about their relationships with other students and reinforce guidelines that will keep them safe and acting civil and respectful to others at all times.

Being a member of the Bethlehem Central School District community carries with it the expectation that staff and students will conduct themselves accordingly. Help us encourage this thought as your children move through the coming weeks and months of the school year.

We all want a school community where everyone is comfortable, healthy and free to pursue their educational goals and dreams in a supportive and safe environment. We know that you do too, and thank you for your assistance and support.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Charles Abba


Bethlehem Central High School


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