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Guilderland Chamber's Annual Awards Dinner on June 12

The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce will host its Annual Dinner, Wednesday, June 12, at Mallozzis Clubhouse at Western Turnpike Golf Course. The event will include a cocktail hour starting at 5:30 p.m. and dinner will follow.

Voorheesville MS drafts pilot policy for electronic devices

Voorheesville Middle School students’ usage of electronic devices is being tightly controlled under a new pilot policy developed by school administrators. Jim Franchini, principal of Voorheesville Middle School, sent an email through the district’s School News Notifier system Friday, April 12, morning detailing the new policy.

Tonko to visit V'ville library, discuss healthcare changes

Rep. Paul Tonko will be visiting the Voorheesville Public Library on Wednesday, March 27, at 7 p.m., to discuss health insurance changes occurring under the Affordable Care Act, such as the new Health Insurance Marketplace opening this fall.

Guilderland Named Best Tasting Water in Albany County

The Office of the Albany County Executive has released the following announcement: The largest voter turnout ever has given the Town of Guilderland a win. The Albany County Health Department has announced Guilderland the winner of the 2012 Albany County Drinking Water Taste Test. The competition was held at the ...

School board approves three-year agreement with Guilderland Teachers

Press release from Guilderland Central School District on Friday, June 22: At a special meeting held June 21, the Guilderland Central School District Board of Education ratified a three-year contract with the Guilderland Teachers’ Association (GTA), concluding a bargaining process that began in December 2010. Members of the GTA voted ...

BCSD informs parents about centralized bus stops for 2012-13

Parents received the following letter from Superintendent Tom Douglas on Tuesday, June 19. Dear parents of elementary students: I’d like to take this opportunity first to thank you for a wonderful introduction to the BC family and an exciting and enlightening six months on the job. As you know, there ...

Town Board candidate calls for IDA oversight

Town Board candidate and former Bethlehem Town Supervisor Jack Cunningham, is seeking more oversight of the town's Industrial Development Agency after hearing the group provided three businesses building within the Vista Technology Park with 100 percent abatement for two years. Under their Tier I payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) ...

BOU to hold B-ball fundraiser

Bethlehem Opportunities Unlimited is holding its 6th Annual Bethlehem Central Basketball Classic on Friday, March 2. Teachers from the Bethlehem Central elementary and middle schools will compete against a team of teachers from the high school to raise money for BOU programming. Students and families are encouraged to attend to ...

BC to hold budget forum

Bethlehem Central administrators will fill the public in on its estimated $4.4 million budget gap at a meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at the middle school.

Albany Figure Skating Club to hold spring show

If you're looking to see some impressive skating from some local kids, consider checking out the Albany Figure Skating Club's upcoming show on March 4.

Students thank BC music teacher with song

In a touching tribute to their former music teacher, students touched by Mary Jane Hughes played "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" at her funeral mass Monday, Dec. 2.

Good update to a feel good story

You may have caught our story in the Nov. 9 Spotlight about Spirit, the juvenile bald eagle that was shot Oct. 12 in Columbia County. The dedicated staff at The Animal Hospital in Slingerlands have been closely monitoring Spirit's progress since that day. They've also been updating the public through ...

Recent events lead to postponement of BHS dance

An announcement was made today that due to concerns with student behavior, a dance scheduled at Bethlehem High School for Friday, Dec. 2 has been postponed. Here's the announcement from Principal Charles Abba: Given my concerns with student behavior, recent events and my desire to meet with students to discuss ...

Drugs and teens in Bethlehem

There's a lot still to report on regarding drugs and kids in Bethlehem. Here's an update on the discussions that are being had: 1) Tuesday night, about 25 concerned parents attended a meeting at the Delmar Presbyterian Church on Delaware Avenue. The meeting was led by licensed mental health counselor ...

BC High principal warns of increased drug use

Bethlehem Central High School Principal Charles Abba sent out a letter to parents today noting a spike in "inappropriate behavior” in recent weeks, including the use and possession of marijuana and other drugs. We'll soon have more information from the district, but for now, here's the full text of Abba's ...

An intriguing idea

Look this weekend at spotlightnews.com for a story on the effort to rectify hideous flooding situations that occur each time a major storm rips through the southern portions of Bethlehem. A meeting being labeled as a "community dialogue" is scheduled for Nov. 30 at the CSX Auditorium to discuss these ...

Since everybody is asking what happened....

Drive through the Four Corners intersection in Delmar, and you may notice a popular locale with a bit of damage. Over the weekend, a teen driver accidentally drove a car through the front of the Delmar Marketplace. No pictures of the car through the front of the store, but you ...

Four Corners, Four Candidates

In an effort to take a break before waiting out election results, I drove seconds from our office in Delmar through the iconic Four Corners intersection. What I found was an eye-catching, and somewhat funny, display of last-minute campaigning. Standing in the forefront was John Clarkson, a candidate for supervisor, ...

Good with numbers? Then we have a job for you!

Can you manage an annual budget approaching $42 million? Can you manage capital projects? Are you comfortable working with independent auditors?

Non-presidential years make for slow election nights

Election night is typically a celebration of a hard-fought campaign, but it appears that candidates in Bethlehem are taking a more muted approach this election season.

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