POV: Beating the homesick blues

The author is a full-time student and resident assistant at Keuka College, and is interning at The Spotlight.

Though no college student would ever admit to it, leaving home for the first time is as turbulent an experience to them as it is to their families and loved ones. The stress of moving away from home, of starting a new life independent of mom and dad and especially of sharing a small room with someone who’s essentially a stranger, is something that can be pressing on the minds of new college students.

To some students, the stress of being in a new situation can be detrimental during their first semester of college. Many who experience this end up returning home, either often or permanently, leaving their school behind them. While some students may leave a school because they can’t afford it anymore or because they have been slacking in their academics, the main reason college freshman leave is a simple, old-fashioned case of homesickness.

Many of my former classmates have gone through this sort of experience, some of them people I would have never expected. Yet, when I asked them what they used to do at school, I received one common answer almost every time: “I sat in my room.”

Transitioning to college was as difficult a time for me as it is to any other college student leaving home for the first time. For the first week of my college career I was homesick to the point of hardly being able to eat anything. A girl, who I’d met during orientation, noticed I was having a rough time and gave me some suggestions on what to do. She told me she was trying out for the school play and that I should too. I thought to myself, why not? The worst that would happen is I wouldn’t get a part, right?

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