LETTER: ‘Yes’ vote is the right decision

Editor, The Spotlight:

I join Bethlehem Supervisor Clarkson, and former Supervisors Terri Egan and Ken Ringler, in supporting a “Yes” vote on April 30 to abolish the elected highway superintendent position and placing the duties with the commissioner of public works.

The timing and merits for this change are both right. Highway Superintendent Sagendorph is retiring, so the consolidation will not disadvantage any person. Annual savings through consolidation will be $180,000 to $375,000. And most important, the growing complexity and technical nature of highway department functions can best be performed by existing civil service staff and the commissioner of public works.

Voting “Yes” on April 30 is a winner for the citizens of our town in other ways too. The democratic process is at its very best when we have this opportunity to vote on a critical issue for our town. If the vote passes, the Town Board members, as our duly elected representatives will be accountable to each and every resident regarding services from, and management of the Highway Department. And, Bethlehem’s civil service staff, which has served our town so well though their dedication, professionalism and integrity, will manage the Highway Department.

Therefore, I encourage you to exercise your right to vote at Town Hall on April 30, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and I hope you will vote “Yes” to modernize our town and save taxpayer dollars.

Sam Messina

Former supervisor, Bethlehem

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