LETTER: Adams Place is no place for an operation like School’s Out

Editor, The Spotlight:

As a resident of the neighborhood surrounding the former BCSD office at 90 Adams Place, I am opposed to granting a variance to School’s Out for a day care business for 80 children. Contrary to some public opinion, it is precisely because we do love the sound of children playing that I and many of my neighbors are opposed.

Traffic associated with this business is not compatible with a residential neighborhood and will compromise the safety of our children and other residents. Our neighborhood has narrow streets, most without sidewalks. Kids in our neighborhood walk and bike in the roadway. We have joggers and dog walkers. During the fall and winter, piles of leaves and snow force pedestrians even further into the roadway.

The five-way intersection is dangerous with limited sight lines. One proposal from School’s Out includes fencing and play structures in the front, further diminishing drivers’ visibility. Many surrounding streets also have blind corners.

Peak traffic times for School’s Out coincide with times of heaviest traffic from residents and when children are walking to and from school, waiting for buses or playing.

On Wednesday, March 13, from 5:10 p.m. until 6 p.m., I observed traffic at the existing School’s Out location. I logged the minute every car arrived or left, counting only cars for School’s Out. While School’s Out maintains that between 4 and 6 p.m. there is an average of one car every two minutes, we know cars will not be scheduled to arrive and leave once every two minutes. The heaviest traffic will occur in the space of one hour.

At times there were nine cars entering, parked or leaving the lot during one specific minute. But School’s Out is proposing only eight parent parking spots. These spots are head-in spaces crossing a sidewalk. Thirty cars were present during the 50 minutes. Since four cars were already present, the total trips in and out during 50 minutes was 56 trips – more than one car per minute. While School’s Out currently has an enrollment of 80 children, the site is certified for occupancy of 160 people. That would double the number of trips.

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