Establishing a Dialogue on Risks from Electromagnetic Fields

The World Health Organization published this handbook in 2002 to "support decision-makers faced with a combination of public controversy, scientific uncertainty, and the need to operate existing facilities and/or the requirement to site new facilities appropriately."

VCSD High School Roof Scan

This document is a roof scan of Voorheesville High School, completed in June 2012, shows "damp" or "wet" areas of roof insolation where there is red shading. An infra red camera was used to survey the roof and some irregular wet or damp areas were squared off. Test cores for asbestos samples are also marked. Additional information is included in the document.

Spotlight Photo Guidelines

Guidelines for submission of photographs to The Spotlight.

Blackbird Cafe: Meals to go schedule

Voorheesville Central School District's Blackbird Cafe menu offerings and schedule for its "Meal to go" program. Also, information to place orders is included.

EAB Risk Map Albany County

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Land and Forests Emerald Ash Borer Risk Map for Albany County.

Albany County Flood Insurance Study: Volume 2

Albany County Flood Insurance Study: Volume 2 of 2

Albany County Flood Insurance Study: Volume 1

Albany County Flood Insurance Study: Volume 1 of 2

Albany County Floodplain Mapping Fact Sheet

Fact sheet released by FEMA providing background information on the National Flood Insurance Program and an overview of proposed flood hazard mapping revisions for Albany County.

Albany County Flood Risk Study Presentation

FEMA Albany County's Flood Risk Study presentation, which was on March 26, 2012. Topics covered in the presentation include an overview of the Map Modernization Program, an update on the county's Map Modernization, an introduction to the county's Risk MAP project and an overview of what has been accomplished to date regarding map revisions.

012313 - The Spotlight - Delmar_Guilderland

Archive of Week 04.

NSLP Requirement Comparison

A comparison of the former National School Lunch Program requirements for the 2011-12 school year and the new requirements implemented for the 2012-2013 school year. The new requirements for breakfast will not be implemented until 2013-14 school year.

Letter on Town Board appointment

Nearly 40 Bethlehem residents signed this open letter to the Town Board on the criteria they'd like to see an appointment to a vacant seat considered.

2020 Advisory Committee Final Report

Bethlehem's 20/20 Advisory Committee has completed its work. The committee presented its final report on citizen engagement and leadership to the Bethlehem Town Board on Dec. 28, 2011.

2020 Committee Economic Development Recommendations

The Town of Bethlehem's 20/20 Implementation Committee issued recommendations to spur economic development within the town. The report was presented to the Town Board in December.

Spotlight letter policy

The Spotlight's letter to the editor policy.

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